About Modern Combat 5 v2.0.1 +22 Hacks VIP with [Mod Menu] - No Jailbreak & Root
This hack is created by the best cheat hackers to make the game more enjoyable. Tested out for best results, you can use cheats in multiplayer or offline. The hacker team creates cheats for all sorts of games and they make updates constantly. To use Modern Combat 5 Hack just download on your device IOS or Android, after you install the hack a mod menu will appear in the game where you can activate the cheats or disable. This hack has 22 cheats and it's very good protected to other users because you don't need to root or jailbreak your device and that's why it is very very good. After you download MC5 Hacks you will get newest updates immediately as soon a new update comes out. So download now and start playing like a pro.

How to play with Modern Combat 5 Hacks
MC5 Hacks are 100% safe to use but if you overuse it and don't play smart you can get banned. You must play like you would play without hacks that means allow others to kill you sometimes to not arouse suspicion.

Modern Combat 5 v2.0.1 Hacks

  • Choose Speed 
  • Choose Clip Amount 
  • Choose Reserve Ammo Amount 
  • Choose Fire Rate 
  • Choose Explosive Radius for Bullets (offline) 
  • Choose ADS FOV 
  • One Hit Kill (offline) 
  • No Recoil (always enabled) 
  • Instant Reload 
  • Reload Anytime 
  • Quickdraw aka Instant Aim Down Sights Time 
  • AI No Shoot 
  • Uncensored Chat 
  • Instant Aim Down Sights Out Time 
  • Better Aim 
  • Infinite Grenades (offline/online)
  • Instant Respawn Time 
  • Auto Shoot 
  • Every Gun is Automatic 
  • All Grenades Unlocked :new: 
  • Steady Weapon :new: Analizers:
  • Fire Rate Analizer This will display your gun's normal fire rate.

Android 5.1 or above
IOS 8 or above

How to install

  1. Download MC5 Hacks for you device IOS or Android
  2. Install modern.combat5.v2.0.1.ipa on IOS or modern.combat5.v2.0.1.apk
  3. Kill Modern Combat 5
  4. Open Modern Combat 5
  5. Enjoy

About Modern Combat 5
Mdern Combat 5: Blackout (iOS|Android) is the latest sequel from Gameloft popular first-person shooter franchise, and for now it's the best FPS for mobile to date. Where you can play both a single-player campaign or multiplayer game modes, it's closely modeled after the Battlefield and Call of Duty games on consoles and PCs. The game has an amazing graphics, an amazing good storyline, and online multiplayer mode. Also the new class system has great customization options. 

Like in most modern first-person shooters, you have a role to play as an elite super-soldier whose job is to save the world by clearing out terrorists until you face an insane and brutal boss bent on world destruction. The single-player campaign has a few different game types that you will reach as you progress through the game's chapters and unlock new equipment. On your journey, the first chapter is in Venice, Italy, to learn the basics of the game. 

From there, you will come to an temple in Japan, then fight through the streets of Tokyo, then back to the canals of Venice, then again back to a neighborhood in Tokyo. I must say the graphics and animations are better than most games on iOS and it looked great on the iPhone 5S and even iPad 2 (the game requires at least an iPhone 4S, iPad 2, or 5th-gen iPod Touch to play). 

Each of the main missions is more or less on exciting, requiring you to fight enemies until you clear an area, then move on to the next until you complete the mission objective at the end. This is true for most FPS games as you're guided through the storyline, but be aware that you'll never go far from the beaten path.

Created by Moder Combat 5 Hack Team